Foreword II by Prof. Dr. Christine Roland-Lévy

It is with pleasure that I agreed to write this invited Foreword to the International Handbook of the Discipline of Psychology and International Handbook of Psychological Practices, edited by Andrew A. Mogaji.

The combination of these two volumes, assembling 37 chapters written by authors from many different countries, including quite a few African countries, constitutes a unique achievement.

Moreover, these two volumes cover most areas of Psychology and it’s various sub-disciplines, for the first volume and Applied Psychology with it’s many fields (even more than the 18 Divisions of the International Association of Applied Psychology, IAAP) in the second volume.  This is done in such a way that it stresses the potential input of psychology towards a better understanding of social issues. The various chapters are particularly interesting as they expose how psychology, through working with these issues in real world  settings, contributes to advancing the capacity of community to promote social understanding.

These two complimentary international handbooks of psychology are well written.  They provide a rich and instructive overview of psychology, including research methods, which will provide excellent information to both students in psychology and professionals of psychology, as well as of many adjacent disciplines, in which psychology is more than needed.

Prof. Dr. Christine Roland-Lévy,

University of Rheims, France

President-Elect of the International Association of Applied Psychology