This handbook is the second in the book series of two volumes. It contains 21 chapters. Each chapter gives an overview of the fundamentals that reflect the state of knowledge, current significance, future trends and applications in the particular area of psychology. The consistent structural arrangement makes it easy for laymen, beginners and professionals to understand. Overall, the text is an invaluable resource for practitioners, researchers, students and faculty, showing to them, how psychology is relevant to all spheres of life.

Andrew A. Mogaji, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychology, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria.


About the Editor                                                                                                                       vii

List of Contributors                                                                                                                   ix

Foreword I by Prof. Walter Lonner                                                                                       xiii

Foreword II by Prof. (Mrs.) Christine Roland-Levy                                                          xiv

Acknowledgements                                                                                                                  xv

Preface                                                                                                                                                xvi


Chapter 1:       Introduction to Professional Practices in Psychology                     1

Regis Chireshe, Pilot Mudhovozi & Elliot Nkoma

Chapter 2:       Clinical Psychology                                                                                         17

Charles Umeh

Chapter 3:       Community Psychology                                                                                   51

Peter Ebigbo & Chimezie Lekwas Elekwachi

Chapter 4:       Consumer Psychology                                                                                      70

Benjamin Ehigie

Chapter 5:       Counselling Psychology                                                                                   92

Canice E. Okoli

Chapter 6:       Economic Psychology                                                                                     107

Erich Kirchler, Erik Hölzl & Christine Roland-Lévy

Chapter 7:       Ethics in Psychology                                                                                      135

Kingsley Nyarko

Chapter 8:       Forensic Psychology                                                                                      164

Amechi Nweze

Chapter 9:       Health Psychology                                                                                         184

Anthony Adegoke

Chapter 10:     Managerial Psychology                                                                                  205

Alex N. Shenge

Chapter 11:     Military Psychology                                                                                       216

Philemon Agashua

Chapter 12:     Organizational Psychology                                                                            227

Andrew A. Mogaji

Chapter 13:     Personnel Psychology and Human Resource Management                           266                              Andrew A. Mogaji

Chapter 14:     Psychology of Entrepreneurship                                                                    289

Andrew A. Mogaji

Chapter 15:     Psychology in Nursing                                                                                   305

Adebayo Adejumo

Chapter 16:     Psychology of Substance Abuse                                                                      339

Akanimodo Ibanga

Chapter 17:     Psychology of Terrorism and National Security                                           363                              Samuel I. Alade

Chapter 18:     Psychotherapy            With People of African Descent                                           379                              Miriam Ofonedu

Chapter 19:     School Psychology                                                                                         388

Sydney Mwaba & Anitha Menon

Chapter 20:     Sports Psychology                                                                                          402

Michael Ajayi

Chapter 21:     Traffic and Transportation Psychology                                                         412

Patricia Delhomme & Anabela Simoes

Author Index                                                                                                                                                                                    453

Subject  Index                                                                                                                                                                                  473